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"GRIPON for Smartphones and PC enable you to share micro-tasks and your micro-response to your team member easily. If you have trouble with micro-communication on daily work, GRIPON is most suitable for your work. GRIPON is designed for a job in which one has to stand or move a lot, it doesn't need complex operattions. GRIPON can be used easily even if you are a person who usually use pen for your work or are not familiar with smartphone apps.You can apply free trial of GRIPON on our website. There are no submission forms on this app. Please visit grip Inc. website.
-------- Features --------[Sending micro-tasks to your team]GRIPON's group messaging function is convinient to send tasks to multiple persons. Though it is communication app, you can set To or CC individually to your team members. You can specify a person to whom you want send a task. You can also attach voice, video, photo and other types of file.
[Responding to micro-tasks]When you open a task message, the person who has sent it would be notified so. When you read a message and understand it, you only have to push ""OK"" button. This ""OK"" status would be also notified to the requester. When you have done a task, you have to push ""Done"" button and it would be also notified to requester automatically. Then your task closes.
[Task viewer]Each tasks is displayed as a list. You can see your status for each tasks, so you can avoid forgetting to do it. The task detail screen shows you who take the task same as you and their progress."